Rachel Cheuk

Creative Engineer. Web Developer. Consultant.

Let's Work Together.

  • Are you drowing in unstructured data?
  • Are you struggling to make sense of complex datasets?
  • Do you need intuitive data visualizations?
  • Do decision makers need to make sense of streaming data?
  • Do you need to notify your customers instantly once certain conditions are met?
  • Are you in need of an intuitive user interface to abstract complex business logic?
  • Do you need a technical advisor to bridge the gap between your engineers and business managers?

I bring over a decade of experience in web applications development, focusing on building platforms that analyze and visualize data across a variety of domains and sectors. I've worked in education, market research, real estate, cybersecurity, IoT, and much more. I typically work with early stage Saas companies to develop prototypes/MVPs that test product-market fit and advise on engineering development based on business goals and the available budget.

Data Analytics and Visualization

Throughout my career, I've supported platforms that empower customers and users to find the "needle-in-the-haystack" through intuitive interfaces that search through complex and sometimes unstructured data.

In these engagements, I've worked across all application tiers, building out user interfaces to enable query and visualization of complex data, as well as designing and developing services to fetch and retrieve complex datasets.

When it comes to visualizing data, I work with and listen to domain experts to understand what is important for the end users. This enables me to develop dashboards that instantly resonate with customers and ferret out nuggets of useful information from a vast ocean of data.


For consultations, I provide the standard engagements listed below, though I'm open to other projects if it's a good fit.

Discovery & Solutions: I meet with you and listen to your problems. I'll read through your documentation and occasionally review some code depending on the problem complexity. After processing it, I'll have a follow up meeting with you where I outline some cost-effective solutions on the problems discussed. Priced as a day.

Executive Summary: I meet with you and your team. I look through the relevant materials and provide an executive summary providing an analysis of the technical problems/challenges you face. In the summary, I'll also recommend potential solutions. Priced at a week.

Code Retainer: After a week-long onboarding period, priced as such, I'll continue to help you and your team tackle new features, bug fixes, general maintenance, and code reviews on a monthly basis.

Technology Strategy Retainer: After a week-long onboarding, priced as such, I'll sit in on high-level meetings to bridge the gap between your engineering department and your company's business functions. I can serve as an fractional Engineering Director/CTO and provide strategies that enable your engineering teams to develop products that meet high-level business targets.

The Tech

I've worked with a variety of technology frameworks throughout my career, which allows me to quickly process and understand solutions built in different frameworks.

I have some favored solutions, which are listed below. Yet not every solution requires the use of the below frameworks, and the below frameworks may not be the right choice for the desired solution.

For deployment, I use the following services: AWS, Google Cloud, Netlify, and Digital Ocean.

For frontend development, I favor Vue.js frameworks (Nuxt, Quasar) over other leading frameworks and do most of my development with Vue.js.

For backend development, I favor Node.js and leverage the Feathers.js framework for handling real-time events as a data service abstraction layer.

For databases, I most recently have worked with MongoDB and Postgresql.

Rachel's work is a unique blend of technical knowledge, visual artistry and critical thinking. She continuously anticipates our needs and goes above and beyond to deliver a remarkable experience to our potential customers.

Michel Sika,

Founder, Lucid Circuit, Inc.

Rachel helped us implement a piece of the puzzle we needed to attract a broader customer base and she did a wonderful job. Not just as a Node engineer that delivers a working, production-ready product, but also as a teacher to the engineers that would continue working on the product after her contract ended.

Jeroen Verkerk,

SaaS Solutions Engineer @ ATS

Rachel's work is thorough and innovative. On various software development assignments she always researched the topic, generated ideas, asked the right questions, and delivered quality products.

Massoud Moussavi,

Managing Director @ Causal Links LLC

Rachel is an incredibly talented full-stack engineer. In our time working together, I witnessed her turn complex business problems into effective solutions, driving projects from concept to launch. With her calm, even-keeled demeanor, she demonstrated obvious talent in working with vague requirements and a variety of stakeholders.

Matt Tringali,

Senior Director @ Hanover Research

Rachel is a very capable technologist, down to earth and able to execute. She is a pleasure to work with to boot. In my experience working with her, she demonstrated an uncanny ability to take ownership of a project, ramp up very quickly on the tech stack and deliver superlative results to our customer.

Neb Tibebu,

Lead Engineer @ Freddie Mac