Custom User Interface

January 30, 2017 Duration: 3 months


This project developed a custom user interface to enable users to control internet-connected devices. It was built on Angular 2, Node.js, and deployed using a NGINX web server. It leveraged 3rd party libraries for translation of service calls to hardware.

Case Study: User Interface Design


A custom user interface was needed to allow users to configure internet-connected devices.

User Interface Design

A new user interface was designed and developed to allow users to easily configure internet-connected devices. It leveraged a pre-existing API and a third-party library to handle remote hardware configurations. The interface also included a preview of the final configuration, including an animated preview of the hardware display.

Testing & Cloud Deployment

Unit testing was developed for the user interface. The application was developed for easy configuration so that would be seamlessly deployed on a development environment as well as built and optimized for a production environment.