Lucid Circuit

February 01, 2018 Duration: Ongoing

Lucid Circuit Logo

Lucid Circuit Flyers

Conference Banner

Lucid Circuit is a company based in Santa Monica focused on providing AI Chips for Small Satellites.

Case Study: Startup Quickstart

We worked with Lucid Circuit to develop a variety of company-branded graphics and materials to promote their brand, company, and products, both online and in-person at various conferences.

Logo, Brand Graphics, Business Cards

As part of their launch, they required graphics to represent their company for marketing initiatives online and in-person. Logos, graphics, and business cards were developed.

Pitch Deck

To prepare Lucid Circuit for meetings with investors, we worked with the founder to develop branded pitch decks.

Marketing Materials

To promote their product at conferences, Lucid Circuit required product flyers to effectively explain their product to their target audience. A large company branded banner was also developed as well as large conference posters to promote their table at various conferences.

Social Media Presence

Lucid Circuit maintains a social media presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. We worked with Lucid Circuit to develop and manage their social media presence.

Online Presence

We worked with Lucid Circuit to launch their website. The Lucid Circuit website was developed using the Divi Wordpress theme and secured to prevent common attacks.