January 29, 2018 Duration: 1 Month

Curvasian’s mission is to raise awareness of the harmful influence of society’s beauty standards, promoting body positivity for women across Asia.

Case Study: Fashion Magazine & Blog


Curvasian sought a re-design of an existing blog site built on Wordpress. The design would emphasize the social media presence of Curvasian (Instagram) and inject a fresh look and feel to highlight the image-centered content of the blog.

Content Consumption & Social Media

The re-design of Curvasian was done using the Extra Theme and developed to create a layout for easy content consumption. Curvasian interacted with its audience primarily using Instagram. Instagram integration was a necessary consideration as part of the re-design.

Maintenance, Improvements, and Web Security

The site was also reviewed for opportunities for general improvements, upgrading necessary plugins, improving the website security to prevent common attacks, and other maintenance tasks.