Rest API

Sails.js, Virtuoso, Javascript, Solr | 9 Months
October 1, 2013

This project involved the development of middleware API to query semantic web data.

Case Study: Sails.js API


In this project, an API was developed to query semantic web data. Data was stored in a Virtuoso Database, and SPARQL was used to develop queries that could retrieve the data. Sails.js was used to rapidly develop a rest endpoint, enabling a front-end application to query the complex dataset. Following a microservices architecture, Docker containers were employed to isolate services.


Sails.js was chosen as a lightweight framework with out-of-the-box scaffolding. The built-in routes provided a quick and efficient solution for developing an API in a short amount of time (a client requirement). The application was configured to connect to the different services depending on environment (dev/qa/prod).

Data was structured by analysts into RDF form for storage within a Virtuoso database. Custom SPARQL queries were developed to provide users of the platform a method for querying the data. Solr was used to enable user searching, indexing common search phrases and tokens.