Record Keeping Application

Java, Javascript | 1 year
November 20, 2012

This project was a Java-based Web Application that kept track of custom records for a client.

Case Study: Java Web Application


This Java-based Web Application kept track of records for a client with custom business requirements. Users would enter information for validation and persistence for complex hierarchical business processes. Custom reporting capabilities in the formats of PDF, XLS, and DOC made it possible for users to access reports at a later date.

Java Web Application

The application was built on a Spring MVC framework and deployed to Tomcat with a SQL database. It used Hibernate and JPA for data modeling and data querying/persistence. JSP was used for displaying forms.


The client requested load testing of the application and general performance testing to identify memory leaks and other potential issues. To test the application, the Gatling Test Framework was used to test and audit the application for performance issues. A report was delivered with the findings.