Dossifi Website

Gatsby, React, Netlify CMS | 2-3 days
October 1, 2018

Dossifi is an intelligent personalized writing assistant that helps you focus, organize your content, and track your progress. This project entry is for the product's landing page, which is built on Gatsby & Netlify CMS. For more information on the platform, see the Dossifi Editor.

Case Study: Gatsby Website


The Dossifi website is a simple landing page for the Dossifi platform. It is built on Gatsby & Netlify CMS. It is hosted on Netlify.

Product Landing Page

This landing page provides an overview of the Dossifi Platform. It outlines several key features of the product and explains how the product works.

Mailing List

To engage with the audience, this site also allows users to opt-in to the mailing list.