Rachel's Discovery Framework

If this is your first digital product, read this blog post on The Path to Discovery to understand why a framework is necessary for developing a digital product.

Below is a condensed discovery framework you can use to generate technical requirements. It incorporates elements from MIT's Disciplined Entrepreneurship Curriculum developed by Professor Bill Aulet, the Value Prop and Business Model Canvases, agile software development practices, user experience research, and much more to help define technical requirements developers can use to build a web solution.

You can also get an offline downloadable copy to brainstorm with your team.

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This section explores the different product features. Let's get started with the top 3 features.

Feature 1

Feature 2

Feature 3

Other Features

Product Access

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Security and Login

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Common Features

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Budget (optional)

Product Notes

User Personas

User personas are used to capture a product's broad spectrum of users. It explores what they consider important and what emotions they may feel to better understand how to design your product.

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