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We are fullstack and product-oriented developers that
specialize in developing intuitive, user-friendly Javascript Web Applications.

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Frontend Development

When it comes to designing intuitive user interfaces, we prefer the Angular and React frameworks. As part of our tech stack, we can quickly develop applications that provide user account creation, social media authentication, the creation of new records through elegant forms, custom user workflows to fit the needs of your business, custom dashboards, and other third-party integrations to develop a unique, custom application to meet your business needs.

For developing wireframes, we prefer simple, low-fi mockups, created using Basalmiq or similar software to ensure a mutual understanding of business requirements.

Backend Development

For data storage, we prefer Postgresql. It offers relational data storage as well as JSON storage, providing flexibility to meet a number of business needs and requirements.

To retrieve, model, and deliver data, we prefer using Node.js and Express. This enables us to build backends that easily handle user creation and authentication, CRUD services, email delivery, third-party service integrations, and much more.

Data Services

Data permeates our lives. We develop data visualizations to make sense of data, either as a standalone visual essay, infographic, or interactive. We also can deliver visualizations as part of a custom dashboard that offers multiple analyses from different perspectives.

Standalone Visualizations
“A picture is worth 1000 words.” Words alone cannot move an audience the way visualizations do. We provide custom visual essays, infographics, and standalone interactives to express what words cannot. Visual essays tell a story through text, data, and interactive graphics. Infographics summarize datasets through visually compelling interactive graphics. Custom visualizations allow an in-depth exploration of a dataset by providing multiple ways of analyzing the data.

Data Services - Continued

Charts, Graphs, and Maps
We utilize a variety of Javascript-based visualization libraries to develop custom charts, graphs, and maps. For network visualizations, we prefer Sigma.js. With maps, we use a variety of libraries and choose the best fit for the dataset. This may include Leaflet.js, Google Maps, or jVectorMap. For charts, we prefer simple chart libraries, such as Chartist.js, DC.js, or Plotly.js. While we prefer open-source libraries, we may occasionally recommend licensed libraries depending on the business requirement.

Dashboards bring together data from multiple sources to provide insights into various aspects of a business. We build intuitive, custom dashboards using a variety of modern web frameworks, such as Angular and React to aggregate and centralize data. Dashboards can be incorporated into existing workflows or used as a standalone analytical tool.

Project Types

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Typically applies if:
Documented Requirements
Existing Product
Existing Team
Product Roadmap
Project Management


Typically applies if:
Documented Requirements
Estimated Scope of less than 2 Months
Limited Design Requirements
Clear Functional Requirements
Limited Integration

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Rachel's work is thorough and innovative. On various software development assignments she always researched the topic, generated ideas, asked the right questions, and delivered quality products.

Massoud Moussavi, Managing Director @ Causal Links LLC

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