Rachel Cheuk
Javascript Developer (Vue.js)
10+ years web development experience, working with a variety of technologies. Working primarily with Vue.js to develop Saas MVPs and new product features. Passionate about helping founders quantify user data for their Saas platforms to identify growth strategies.
Hi, I'm Rachel

I have over a decade of experience in full stack web applications development supporting and leading projects at companies including ITT, Hanover Research, and Booz Allen Hamilton. I've worked with many technologies and many different tech stacks, such as Java and Ruby on Rails. As most projects will only ever use a subset of these technologies, I will not list them all on this site, though, take a look at my accomplishments below!

Given my broad experience, I can quickly understand existing applications. Since working with startups in the past few years, I have become fascinated with forecasting and predicting user behavior. Currently, I work with early-stage and series-funded startups to analyze and predict user behavior. This may or may not be in a development capacity, depending on the scope of work. Currently, I favor Vue.js development and complementary technologies for developing rapid and intuitive dashboards and applications that can be used for analysis.

I'm also working on Blokii, a system for writing and publishing technical content.

Core Values

Communication. Leadership. Quality. Innovation. These are the core values I live by. In every engagement, I endeavour to practice these values to ensure clients are satisfied with my work.

I firmly believe communication is the key to success. I endeavour to communicate regularly and keep clients informed of progress to ensure the results match expectations.

I work directly with clients to help realize their visions. Through mutual trust, respect, and guidance, I inspire teams near and far to achieve new milestones.

I set high standards so you don't have to. Deliverables are tested thoroughly to ensure you receive a high-quality product that not only meets expectations but exceeds expectations.

Technology is constantly changing, and it's important to stay ahead in order to not fall behind. I stay aware of emerging tech trends to prepare clients for the future.