I design, develop and produce...

  • Saas MVPs for founders and entrepreneurs
  • New features for Javascript web applications
  • Growth Assessments & Strategies for Saas Products

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What People Are Saying...

Rachel helped us implement a piece of the puzzle we needed to attract a broader customer base and she did a wonderful job. Not just as a Node engineer that delivers a working, production-ready product, but also as a teacher to the engineers that would continue working on the product after her contract ended.

- Jeroen Verkerk, SaaS Solutions Engineer @ ATS

Rachel's work is a unique blend of technical knowledge, visual artistry and critical thinking. She continuously anticipates our needs and goes above and beyond to deliver a remarkable experience to our potential customers.

- Michel Sika, Founder, Lucid Circuit, Inc.

Rachel's work is thorough and innovative. On various software development assignments she always researched the topic, generated ideas, asked the right questions, and delivered quality products.

- Massoud Moussavi, Managing Director @ Causal Links LLC

Rachel is an incredibly talented full-stack engineer. In our time working together, I witnessed her turn complex business problems into effective solutions, driving projects from concept to launch. With her calm, even-keeled demeanor, she demonstrated obvious talent in working with vague requirements and a variety of stakeholders.

- Matt Tringali, Senior Director @ Hanover Research

Rachel is an incredible leader and role-model. I worked closely with Rachel when she served as an Entrepreneurship Lead at Women Who Code DC. Rachel was the brains behind all of our Entrepreneurship programming. The pinnacle of her accomplishments was planning our first ever Entrepreneurship Hackathon for beginners in the Startup Hackathon space. I can't say enough good things about her work and work ethic!

- Lauren Jacobson, Network Director @ Women Who Code DC

Rachel is a very capable technologist, down to earth and able to execute. She is a pleasure to work with to boot. In my experience working with her, she demonstrated an uncanny ability to take ownership of a project, ramp up very quickly on the tech stack and deliver superlative results to our customer.

- Neb Tibebu, Lead Engineer @ Freddie Mac


Rachel Cheuk
Javascript Developer
Experience: 10+ years
Education: BA CompSci, Executive MBA
Tech: Vue.js, Node.js, MongoDB, Graphql
Projects: Blokii
Location: Houston, TX or Remote

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